Best 4K TV

For a long time, there were folks who couldn’t have cared less about 4K TVs. They proclaimed that 1080p was top standard. While 4K sounded like a great idea, and that while 4K seemed like a good idea, they wouldn’t support it.

Those folks are currently eating their words. 4K TVs are here to stay.

So why are 4K TVs so popular? Well, for one, they’re just as affordable as 1080p screens. Two, they look much better. 4K isn’t just a likeable marketing term. 4K TVs are four times the resolution of conventional 1080.

Not only do these screens have four times the number of pixels as their aged 1080p relative, but 4K screens also typically have screen technology like wide color gamut and high dynamic range that truly make those pixels shine brightly.

The last reason 4K TVs have taken off is that game consoles have completely embraced the 4K future, as well as the Blu-ray industry and the streaming video industry.

Here are a the best 4K televisions.


  • Top picture quality, pricey
  • OLED TVs is way, way above and over the top of televisions that use LED LCD technology. The C7 has the best picture ever. It’s very expensive but the price has diminished and should drop even more.

TCLP Series Roku TV

  • Top 55-inch non-OLED TV
  • With real excellent image quality at a reasonable price, the TCL is preferred over the Vizio M if you desire a 55-inch model television. Their picture quality is alike, but TCL’s Roku Smart TV system leaves Vizio in the dust.

Vizio M-Series

  • Top mid-priced picture for the money
  • Besides the TCL Series Roku, no other TV provides this much picture for this little price. Vizio’s economical M is well-equipped and high performance. Unlike the TCL, it really comes in multiple sizes.