Best Apps for Seniors

These apps are helpful for the seniors in your life.

Apps for tablets or smartphones can make life interesting and simpler. But with hundreds of thousands of apps on the market and more premiering every day, choosing the top ones that purposely address the needs of seniors can be intimidating. This is where this article comes in. Below are some of the top senior apps.

AARP Now App 

This app provides you with senior-specific news, shares local events, and lets you know what discounts you qualify for with your AARP membership.

EyeReader by NetSoft

If you detest reading restaurant menus by low lights, you might find this magnifying glass app useful. Just hold your phone over any text and the EyeReader will enlarge it and light it up for you.

Find My iPhone 

Never lose your high-cost iPad or iPhone with this app. If you lose your phone somewhere or it gets stolen, this app will locate it.


No more asking your loved ones to call to make sure they’ve come home safely. This app utilizes GPS tracking to keep track of loved ones as they go to work, school, or on vacations. They can also keep track of you as well. 


You’ve heard of the buzz surrounding Lyft, but did you know these services are very helpful for seniors? No more calling for a cab and fumbling with a credit card or cash. With just a few clicks, you can have a car that will take you anywhere: a party, the theatre, a restaurant, the airport, or doctor’s appointments. The payment is already set up through the app. You don’t have to fret about paying or even tipping.

Senior Savings 

Find out which restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and theaters have senior discounts in this app.


Use Skype to visually connect with your grandchildren, children, or friends in away places. It’s really like having your favorite folks in your living room. You need to download Skype.