Best Apps to Help Kids Learn About Insects

Do your kids love bugs? These apps can teach them more about them.

If your child loves bugs, they’re not alone. But it’s vital to teach them about bugs and help them know how to respect them. There are lots of ways to do that with apps.

If there’s one thing that interests a lot of children, it’s creepy-crawly things such as bugs. If you have a kid who loves everything about bugs, it’s a great idea to get them going on learning about the bugs that crawl, fly, or burrow. You can find numerous choices from insect activities for 1st grade all the way up to entomology lesson plans for high school. 

When you need to know how to teach about insects, all you need to do is look at your browser app and research insect projects. You’ll find a plethora of things to aid your children in learning about insects.

Grandma Loves Bugs

Find out all about bugs with Grandma. This courageous Grandma needs help classifying bugs, catching fireflies, coloring butterflies, spelling buggy words, matching letters on flowers and bees, building a spider web, and even looking for a bug in her hair. Includes videos and mini-games. 

From learning about the various species of insects and related words. These are perfect for children aged 4 – 6 who want an interesting way to learn more about bugs. It also has tests and riddles that lets you go through various levels in the game.

MOLDIV – Photo Editor, Collage

Do you have over 800 pictures of bugs on your phone? Why don’t you organize your collection with a photo collage app? This will let you collect bugs without having to harm them.

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