Best Apps to Make House Chores Fun for Kids

Do your kids hate chores? These apps will help motivate them to get the job done.

Having trouble getting your kids to clean their room? Take a look at these top apps created to make chores fun for your children.

Allowance & Chores Bot

With Allowance & Chores Bot you can make weekly, daily, or monthly allowance for every kid. Every kid can have their own rate of periodic allowance. Also, it’s quite simple to assign chores to numerous children. Every chore can be a one-time chore or repeated on a weekly, daily, or monthly schedule.

Children see how much they have saved, when and how much they’ve spent. They can see their allowance savings increase with the allowance graph and see how much savings they’ll have coming up. Children can see what chores have to be done and cross them off when done. Children can get chore reminders without needing to open the app.

OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries, and calendar

OurHome is a simple and new way to organize your family. Children will be encouraged to do chores and take responsibility while adults can reward them for their work. There’s a family calendar and shared grocery list to keep everyone coordinated. And it’s free to use with no hidden costs or ads.

Homey – Chores and Allowances

Homey helps remind any child what jobs they haven’t completed yet, so a parent doesn’t need to. It even encourages them to do a little better to earn an allowance. Better still, they are learning to save up that money for a larger reward.

With Homey you can pay children commissions based on chores they finish around the house such as cleaning their room, taking out the trash, or mowing the grass. And you can also set responsibilities that are necessary to teach kids that every family member must contribute to the household.