Best Baby Care Games (Part II)

You can be a virtual babysitter.

My Baby Care: Babysitter

This game provides a great opportunity to play and learn all about childcare. See what babysitting is really about as you operate your own kindergarten at home.

Adorable babies are no longer newborns and their moms and dads put them into daycare with you. Babies are having fun in the interactive playroom and vying for your attention. Delight those pretty babies with diverse care activities in many wonderful scenes, such as foamy teeth-brushing, fun bathing, changing the diaper, feeding tasty food, beauty sleep, and joyful play. Babies want you as well, so satisfy their wishes one at a time. 

It’s time for a bath!

Pamper your baby with a soothing bath. Before bath time, pick a few toys to make the baby happy. Next, wash the baby with some shampoo and soap, then wipe him gently with a towel. Let’s have fun bursting soap bubbles.


Babies need a good meal many times a day. Prepare several different types of food, cereals with yogurt and berries, bottles of milk, juice, and water, or slice some fresh fruit that is chock full of vitamins. Always remember to use a napkin.

Zzzzz, it’s bedtime!

Baby is sleepy and tired after so much playing. Give him his favorite toy and let the little one get a good night’s sleep. Cover the little one with a cool and colorful bedspread. Now, all is okay to rock the baby and lull him to sleep.

Find toys in a nursery!

Toys are all over the place. Help the baby with finding hidden toys. Keep your eyes open and find what the baby needs.

Playground fun

Outdoor activities deliver endless fun. Learn how to sort apples or grow flowers and enjoy it all while saving the birds. You can use a great time with babies at the playground.