Best Graphic Design Firms Worldwide (Part I)

In the competitive world of graphic design, it can be hard to establish a name brand. However, there are some design firms around the globe that have managed to cut through the clutter and acquire international prestige.

Their roster of clients, remarkable portfolio of work, prominence in local markets and international reach have made them some of the most well-known and well-liked graphic design businesses on the planet. Below are some of the dream-team list of graphic design agencies.


One of the largest and most famous graphic design companies on the globe Pentagram is owned and run successfully by 19 partners, each one is a leader in the design industry. Their star-studded list of past and present partners includes names like Bob Gill, Paula Scher, Michael Bierut, and Alan Fletcher.

Headquarters: London

Notable clients: The Guggenheim, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Princeton University, General Electric, Guitar Hero, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Sundance Film Festival, Bennetton, Sake Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co, Cosmopolitan, Boots, Revlon, Sesame Street, Citibank, 21st Century Fox, Harley Davidson, Codeacademy



In their own words, Landor is “the world’s foremost brand consulting firm.” Headquartered in San Francisco with 36 offices in 20 countries, this design genius has one of the most enviable client lists on earth.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Notable clients: Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, BMW, Volvo, FedEx, P&G, BP, John Deere, Smirnoff, Kraft


Meta Design

One of the prominent design firms in the world, Meta Design has created fascinating brand experiences for over 20 years. From reinventing Apple’s Mac OS design system to collaborating on Adobe’s identity and packaging, their caliber of work reverberates on a world level that’s hard to match.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Notable clients: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Fujifilm, Fujitsu, Gap, Adidas, AT&T, Apple, Adobe, AOL, Audi, Bank of America, Barclays, Belkin, Bugatti, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Cisco, Coca Cola Comcast, eBay, Expedia, FIFA