Creating Amazing Social Media Graphics

Generating engagement on social media is critical for any brand that wants to increase awareness or grow a customer base, which let’s be real, is every brand.

The strategy? Get visual.

Getting Visual on Social Media

The power of visuals to seize attention and drive engagement is undeniable. Think about it, what sort of content do you engage with?

Putting at least one image in the body of an article more than doubled the times it is shared.

If information is given orally, people remember around 10%. That number increase by 65% if you add a picture.

But deciding to go visual is just the beginning. Doing it in a way that will engage, while raising your brand and creating trust with your target audience, necessitates a little design know-how and strategic vision.

Maybe the most crucial principle of good design is so obvious, you take for granted. Make sure your text is easy to read.


Visual hierarchy is the use of stylistic elements such as type size, positioning, and color to convey the relative importance of information on a page.

Like syntax or punctuation, hierarchy offers order and helps folks prioritize and understand information more quickly and correctly, and ultimately improves communication.


Color is a priceless tool for creating balance and contrast. But it is vital to be aware of how certain hues or pairings influence perception. Some colors like those in the red and yellow families, can energize and stimulate, while others like those in the blue realm can convey trustworthiness and calmness.

As you begin your designs, think about what feelings you want to convey. Once you have a sense of your desired effects and moods, you can play around with color palettes to get an idea of color groupings that create balance and harmony and how to use them in your messaging.