Designing your Website



Designing your Website

When you start to  design your website, determine who your  customers will be and what will be the main attraction. Be advised that, normally, when people check out your website, they are drawn to the content of the page and thoughtful design. Consumers care little for the color of the background, a snappy logo, or even your graphics, as attractive as they may be.

Don’t give in to the imp of mischief sitting  on your shoulder, urging you to layout your page in unusual styles. Your page must be crystal clear for the search engine to be able to locate the headings, to find the location of headings, and able to pin down the content.  Search out and learn about heading tags, very nifty  items , useful headings and subheadings. Plus it is an outstanding idea to put your website’s navigation page first.

Be generous with keywords, BUT  don’t inundate your website with keywords in places they make no sense, trying to acquire a higher search engine ranking. Search engines can and will spot the plot. Be sure to have your keywords appear where they should in your content.

You will discover while creating your website , search engines can read HTML, they can not read Javascript though. Stay with HTML if your desire your text read by search engines. You most assuredly need to use HTML if search engines are to travel your navigation links. Use HTML for text, then use Javascript in designing the rest of the you website. Make your website more professional and focused.

Meta tags may seem to have gone the way of the dinosaurs, but they can still be very useful in certain circumstances. A description tag usually used to determine what the search engines’ view when your website pops up. You must remember you are driving people to your site.

While designing your website, if your want to use a graphic, the Alt text will get the job done. Get in the habit of using Alt tags on all of the images, then your customers can see the text as they hover with their mouse over the images.

Again, content is the key in designing your own website. It is your job to make people interested enough to want to link their page to yours.

Your content must be interesting and should be blogger friendly. One of the best ways to design your website for search engines is to see that your content really stands out.

Remember, that content  most important item on your website.