How Businesses Use Design and Making Design Part of Your Business Strategy


Design goes deeper than just the exterior look of products or the graphic aspects of things like your packaging, marketing materials, and website. It has a role in almost each phase of what most businesses do.

In some areas, the significance of design is very apparent. For example, when a business makes a regular look across its signage, stationery, marketing activities, and products.

Design can also be used to assist your business in many less apparent ways. Remember that design isn’t just about the appearance of your business. It’s also about handling your business processes so they’re as affordable as possible.

Businesses use many types of design, like:

  • Product design (ergonomics)
  • Engineering design
  • Graphic design (from marketing literature to manuals)
  • Packaging design
  • Website and Interface design
  • Retail design
  • Interior design and Fit-outs
  • Exhibition design
  • Architecture

It’s a solid idea to perform a design audit. Look at key areas of your business like your brand, your product and service development, and your customer communication and then   think about what role design plays in them. There may be openings to use design to make your business more effective and to bring value to your services and products for your customers.


Design deserves way more attention than it gets from business owners. It’s often seen as a finishing touch in product or service development, something used after the strategy has been devised, chief decisions have been made and budgets have been distributed.

Successful businesses include design as part of their business strategy from the beginning. This is because including design at the start saves you money and result in better offering and better experiences for your customers. You don’t really need a professional designer to use design purposefully. Just look for new ways to meet your clients’ needs.