PC Games with the Best Graphics

Can you think back to the days when the people in computer games had square hands? They’re gone away, but graphics are improving, with some of the current and future games so real it’s hard to tell that it’s not film of real folks.

That’s only set to get better, as the upcoming Xbox One X and PS4 Pro offer 4K graphics into the living room at very reasonable prices.

Here are some of the games with amazing graphics that are available now or coming out soon.

Battlefield 1

The latest in the ongoing Battlefield franchise heads back in time to World War I for a gritty and grim take on the war to stop all wars that looks pretty amazing too.

As with other multi-platform games, you’ll have the most fun out of it from a high-end gaming PC.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) is still one of the most incredible looking games out there, particularly if you have a PC that’ll operate at full 60fps and 4K.

On console, it’s caught at 1080p, but a remedy is on the way for both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro support to bring it up to 4K and make the most of the huge fantasy world.

It doesn’t hurt that The Witcher 3 is a fun game irrespective of the graphics, making it a no-brainer for those with a rig that can make the most of it.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This PS4 exclusive could just be the finest looking game on the console, uniting dramatic facial animation with a varied, lush open world.

From separately animated blades of grass and hairs to distant storms lighting up the night sky, this post-post-apocalyptic is one you’ll want to come back to over and over again.