Starting Your Own Web Graphics Business: What You Need to Know (Part II)

Further develop your skills

If all this sounds pretty frightening and you feel your skills are inadequate or you just need some more experience, then studying a course in graphic design is a solid way to develop your skills and increas your confidence.

What is your ultimate goal?

Be specific: it’s apparent you want to start a graphic design business, but what makes yours unique? How will you measure its success? Where are you now and where is it you want to be in five years?

This implies taking stock of your present situation and how you might leverage the best possible advantage from deciding the moment to start up on your own.

Money is a main concern for lots of folks. If you’re already employed within a larger design firm, you may be able to obtain possible commissions prior to leaving. But don’t poach clients as this will only create tension and get you a bad reputation within the industry.

If you are a recent graduate, there are typically an assortment of government-backed programs intended to help you set up your own business. Different criteria apply about eligibility so research these well in advance and apply to those you qualify for.

Identify your target market

Much as you might want to, you won’t be able to offer all of the graphic design services probable clients might ask for. Focus your efforts on a particular part of the market and aim to offer quality service in that area.

While sub-contracting a few commissions can be profitable, mediating between contractors and clients is time consuming and filled with difficulties involving delivery deadlines and quality assurance.

Identify and profile your model clients. Who are they, where are they, what service do they need and what is their budget likely to be?