The Best Free FPS Games (Part I)  


The field of options for free-to-play shooters is more robust and impressive than ever before, complete with a variety of notable hits including Team Fortress 2, the interstellar Planetside followup, and the rebooted Unreal Tournament. They might not offer the same style as The New Colossus, Call of Duty: WWII, or Overwatch, but then again, they won’t cost you a lot of money. Here are some top choices for the best free first-person shooters, so you can frag fools and save some coins.

So, get your gaming on and keep your cold cash in your pocket!


Apex Legends (Xbox One, PS4, Windows)

There are several different ways to play Apex Legends 

It has been more than a couple of years since Respawn Entertainment came out with the incredible Titanfall 2, a complete-priced multiplayer shooter that combined brilliant on-foot gunplay with hulking, walking tanks that offered deadly firepower. Instead of creating a whole sequel, the studio instead created the free-to-play Apex Legends, a battle royal game cut from the same cloth as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s “Blackout” mode.

Set on a huge map and presently limited to several dozen players divided into three-person squads, Apex Legends plays like a battle royal game made for folks who don’t usually enjoy the genre. There is still a circle that closes in on your position, but if you don’t like where you spawned, you can search for a device that throws you back into the air. If you happen to die early on, your teammates still have a chance to find your “banner” and revive you at a special medical station.

These tweaks are put on top of a beautiful and varied map, and Respawn’s signature snappy weapon controls are back in full force. It isn’t Titanfall 3, but it’s a spinoff that has currently attracted over 50 million players in a month.