The Best Games You Can Play on Intel Integrated Graphics (Part III)

Dota 2

The other huge MOBA name in the game, Dota 2 is slightly more taxing on a system than League of Legends, but it’s still playable on entry-level hardware. You might need to do some tweaking to the settings and give up some visual clarity to get it going smoothly, but there’s no reason to feel you can’t be competitive online, even if using integrated graphics.


Portal Series

You may have to edit your graphics settings to get the most from your games.

As one of the most loved franchises in gaming history, the two Portal games are thought to be classics by practically anyone who has played them. As well as being cute, astonishingly dark action puzzlers, they are also very simple to get running on any sort of hardware. As older games than a few of the others on this list, that is maybe not too surprising, but it doesn’t take away from both Portal and its sequel’s well-deserved inclusion on this list.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS: GO is one of the most long-lasting titles on Steam. Built upon the solid foundations of its predecessors, CS: GO delivers the same incredible gameplay today as it always has and that’s irrespective of the hardware you’re operating it on. Even though it’s not quite as well optimized for lower-end systems like a few of the other games on this list, with some tweaking, you can get it working finely on Intel HD graphics of various strengths.


Mount and Blade: Warband

The Mount and Blade series have never been famous for its graphics, but what it lacks in visual beauty it more than makes up for in gameplay. Warband provides enormous, open-ended single-player campaigns as both a ruler and soldier in a combination of action and management. The notion that it isn’t that pretty lends itself well to being played on older systems.