The Best Games You Can Play on Intel Integrated Graphics (Part VI) 

If you own or are wanting to buy a low-cost laptop that doesn’t have a discrete graphics card, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck just playing solitaire. A laptop’s CPU can manage more than you might think all on its own, thanks to its Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (IGPU).

Diablo 3

As you can see, Blizzard games do very well on integrated graphics. Diablo 3, the 2012 action-RPG, is a game you can play hundreds of hours easily. Its isometric perspective lends itself fabulous to fewer fancy graphics cards and performance stays steady even on most non-gaming laptops. Thanks to an always evolving content stream and enticing loot-based loop, Diablo 3 stays exciting long after you’ve viewed the credits.

Civilization VI

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Civilization VI, one of the top strategy games around, can run on integrated graphics. After all, it’s offered on iOS and Nintendo Switch. The downgrade in visuals when playing with integrated visuals, though obvious, doesn’t diminish the overall experience. If you’ve never played a Civ game before, it’s a turn-based franchise that plays out over extended stretches of time. Your ultimate objective is to increase your kingdom, which leads to many exciting interactions and battles with leaders around the globe. Civilization VI is one of the deepest strategy games, one that sets up greatly for short, daily spurts.



You can connect your PS4 or Xbox game system to PC.

For a game as distinctively beautiful as Cuphead, it’s quite odd that it runs so well on integrated graphics. Stylized based on 1930s cartoons, Cuphead is a run and gun, boss rush game with a steep difficulty level. With an interesting host of bosses, each with their own unique personalities and tendencies. Cuphead glows throughout each of its amazingly designed stages. However, it’s highly recommended connecting an Xbox One or PS4 gamepad to your PC or Mac to play Cuphead.