The Best Learning Websites for Toddlers

The Internet is no longer just for big kids! With many websites now available for toddlers, learning numbers, letters,

Learning with your kids

and colors has never been simpler. Look below at our list of the best websites for kids, making learning early skills fun.

Funbrain Jr.

Funbrain Jr., a segment of FEN, aids kids in developing reading, problem-solving skills, and math via fun stories, printables, and games. The website is created so parents can sit and discover with their child or to let kids navigate themselves.

Nick Jr. transports your toddler into his or her favorite shows like Bubble Guppies, Wonder Pets!, Max & Ruby, Bubble Guppies, or Dora the Explorer. The little one can go on adventures, create crafts, and go on adventures with their favorite characters. Also, there is a family section with vacation ideas, recipes, health tips, and how-to videos.


Kids love Sprout for its easy crafts, coloring pages, and fun games that feature favorite characters from Barney & Friends and Sesame Street. Parents can sign up to find out about free live events, new games and activities, and special events via the parent community.


Starfall is a good educational site for young children beginning to read or learning their ABCs. The activities are simple and interactive. The goal at Starfall is to make learning fun and interesting. Also, toddlers can keep their baby sign language new with the sign language lessons given.

Boowa & Kwala

Boowa & Kwala have over 400 games, musical games, decision games, guessing games, sorting games, puzzles, and mazes, and hide and seek. Also, there are over 45 songs and an assortment of stories. There is a section of advice for parents, a toy store where items can be purchased, and the Boowa and Kwala club.