The Best TVs for Gaming

If you’re like a lot of people, you use PS4 and Xbox One every day. And while you could hook them up to any old TV, if you want top picture quality, you’re going to have to net yourself a good quality TV.

When the original gaming units came into play, they looked like console video games. At least they decided not to take part in the 4K revolution that was now sweeping the TV world. Both consoles were initially HD-only and there wasn’t so much as a little support for the high vibrant range technology that was just joining 4K in the TV industry.

While this is all wonderful news for the quality of our gaming experiences, though, it puts increased pressure on your TV. A console can contain all the power in the world, but if it’s attached to a TV that can’t control that power it might as well be a ZX Spectrum. Well, not really, but you get our drift.

Things to notice are if the speakers are facing forward. This gives you a more clean, direct sound. Also, notice the rated power output, whether there’s a bass speaker (look at the back of the television), built-in soundbars, and the number of individual speakers.

OK, now that you have the buying advice and you’re an TV expert, let’s look at a couple of the best gaming TVs you can buy, considering sheer quality and price.

Samsung Q9F QLED TV Series

  • Native UHD resolution, Low input lag, and strong HDR support. This one, the Samsung’s Q9F, is the bomb.

LG OLED E7 Series

  • The E7 is the top-scoring OLED for LG

Sony XBR-X930E/KD-XE93 Series

  • If you’re already put money in a 4K console, this one is the best 4K Sony television for gaming that you can buy