The Latest in Web Design Trends

Just as when you thought you had seen it all in graphic design trends, here comes this. This isn’t about shadowing the creative herd. It’s about taking notice of where the industry is right now. So regardless if you follow these trends or not, it’s helpful to know what they are.

Web animation

Animation plays a big part in making interfaces and ideas simpler to understand. In a world where time is short and everyone is in a hurry, animation can communicate complex ideas in a little amount of time whilst at the same time informing and engaging.

Storytelling and personality is something that old and new brands are working on in order to get the attention of users. Animations is beginning to play a bigger role in this. Animations have displayed and will continually show the brand’s strength, bringing life to the brand, making it more lively and less static.

Adventurous colors

Over the past year, there has been an increase in the use of bold colors across digital platforms. One good example is that of DesignStudio’s new branding scheme for The Premier League.

A confident departure from the preceding identity, the striking visual treatment didn’t stop at the app or website. It came roaring onto the pitches with social media and billboards.

Inventive typography 

In the battle for eyeballing, typography is a commanding weapon. Its use on the web has broadened out this year. Typography is mighty and the bigger the better. So while neo-grotesque styles like Helvetica stay vogue, designers are diverging, using the big variety of typefaces available.

Expectations have the comeback of serifs to web designing and may websites linking serif and sans-serif fonts to make a dynamic user experience. So, when it comes typeface, go bold or go home!