Using Design to Enhance Product Development and Win New Customers & Markets

Discovering what your customers want is a critical beginning point in designing competitive products and services. The more you find out about your customers’ preferences from market research, the more likely you are to design products they’ll want to purchase. Continue reading to discover how to realize your customers’ needs.


Product development includes these steps:

  • performing user research
  • creating a concept for a new or revised product
  • drawing up an initial design concept
  • pinpointing the people, processes, and materials necessary for production
  • developing a prototype
  • performing user trials to assess the new product
  • making modifications after the user trials and deciding on a final design

Product development must not only be for your existing customers. It can also be used to aid you in targeting new customers and moving into new markets.


Design can be a commanding way of keeping customers and positioning your business for a move into new markets.

Alert businesses use design technique and methods, like prototyping and user research to identify customer needs that aren’t being fulfilled and then create or polish a product or service to fill the gap in the market.

Design can also assist you in expanding into foreign markets, perhaps by complying with various technical standards or by modifying a product or its packaging to partialities in your target market.

Along with winning new business, remember the vital role design can play in keeping your current customers. Regardless if it’s a website redesign or new product, fresh design can keep your customers engrossed and help you deal with the competition.

Your customers’ needs can alter, so the trend research, prototyping, and user observation that are part of the design process will let you stay in touch with your market.