Why Children Love Cartoons

To have fun, children indulge in various activities like drawing, playing, and even fighting with their siblings. Over all these activities, children love to watch TV particularly cartoons. It becomes real hard to move them from their spot while they are watching their favorite cartoon.

While watching cartoons, children don’t usually cry or ask for anything because they are so engrossed. Why do almost all children love cartoons so much? Let try to answer this question.

Cartoons just like children, narrate innocent fables. These have nothing to do with the adversities of real life, drama, facts, or out of the world emotions. Cartoons fabricate a world to which children can relate to. The extra powers and energy of the main cartoon character makes them a favorite among children. Also, the victory of good over bad entices the child to a great extent.

Cartoons – Children = Soap Operas – Adults

Cartoons for children are like daily TV serials for women. Special effects, storyline, and technical enhancements captivate children to a huge extent. Twists and turns in the story not only attract children but many adults too. Children love funny things and cartoons offer them all of that. Apart from this, voice, color, and the adventure indulged in by their favorite cartoon characters are all crafted to capture the interest of the kid.

Sound effects play a big role in making this attraction. You must have noticed that children know all the songs of their favorite cartoon shows.

Super powers possessed by cartoon characters are also the reason why kids are so captivated by them. The main cartoon character has an answer to all issues and cartoons always have a happy ending, unlike films for adults.

For all these reasons, children and cartoons are inseparable, so keep enjoying your favorite cartoon show.