Why is Branding Important?

If you run your own business, you’ve heard about branding and have probably been told by your graphic designer that it’s important. But has anyone ever told you WHY it’s so important? 

There are several reasons why everything from the colors you choose, right down to what your logo looks like. All of these elements are important for your business, and it all falls under the umbrella of branding. 

What is Branding?

Branding is a marketing technique that covers the name of your business, the colors you choose, your logo, and even the words you choose on your website. How your business ‘talks’ to potential customers is included in the umbrella of branding. 

Let’s take a look at Tom’s Bail Bonds as a hypothetical example. Tom wants to stand out amongst his competition, and he definitely wants to rank #1 when someone searches “bail bonds near me.” Although Search Engine Optimization will also help with this goal, you’ll need to get your branding in order first. 

Creating Consistency to Stand Out

Tom needs to make sure that his bail bond company stands out among the rest, and a dynamic logo, with exciting colors, will catch a potential customer’s eye. Tom also requests that his graphic designer also create a logo, a favicon (the little graphic on the left-hand side of the URL in your browser), and makes sure that they’re all consistent. This is called creating branding standards and creates a road map of sorts for what your brand needs to follow. 

Words That Represent Your Company

Sometimes, it’s something as small as what words your employees can use when talking about the company. If you use the same words all of the time, your potential customers will start to associate those words with your company. This keeps your company top of mind when the words are used anywhere out in the wild. Your potential client will also think of your company when they hear those words, so long as this branding is applied consistently. 

Recognizable Graphics

Good branding also encourages referrals, and quite often, referrals can make or break your business. Branding and excellent graphics make your business instantly recognizable. The more that people recognize and remember your business, the more they’re likely to talk about you. 

Make People Feel Good About Your Company

The other thing that branding does, which is a little harder to quantify, is that it makes your customers feel good about working with you or buying from your business. The more that people feel good about your company, the more often they’re going to buy from you or recommend you to another potential customer. 

Be like our hypothetical Tom. Invest in your branding and make sure that if someone is searching for “bail bonds near me,” you pop up first. There are many resources in which you can learn about the other side of this, which is SEO. Learning more about branding and SEO will help your business become increasingly more successful every day.