Why is Japanese Anime So Good?

Anime and manga have long been at the core of Japanese culture, with a constant wave of popularity between the generations. In recent years, the popularity for anime and its comic strip counterpart manga has increased greatly in the US.

One of the biggest reasons why anime has stood the test of time and increased in popularity across the globe is because of its unique ability to grow with its viewers. The famous anime specialist, Takamasa Sakurai, says that the genre has been hugely accepted due to its unconventional nature. Japanese anime broke the convention that anime is something that children watch. Overseas fans of anime say that they like the intensity of the storylines with the endings being hard to predict as anime is frequently aimed at adult audiences.

Children and Anime

In the UK, many kids watched anime TV shows as they were growing up, shows like Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! At the time of watching, they don’t realize that they were watching Japanese animation but the popularity of the shows depicts that it made a soft spot in their hearts for anime. Now, with the growth of the web and streaming services, it means that anime has become much more accessible for adults to recall their childhoods through more age-appropriate popular anime films. These are Spirited Away and TV programs like A Place Further than the Universe.

Anime has grown more popular around the world in recent years because of a shrinking Japanese population leading to a bigger export-minded trade. This has meant that anime producers have begun to make content more fit to Western tastes, as well as producing anime in other places that is much cheaper. Well-known anime producers like Tezuka now produce and push for their work to be sold all over the globe.