Why We (adults!) Love Animation (Part I)

Who can’t remember the first few minutes of the film Minions? Wasn’t it funny when the minions try to save their Evil Masters from all dangers and end up being the cause of their doom? Or The Lion King when the jungle in Africa wakes up to a captivatingly beautiful morning. They made us (adults) fall in love with animation films once again.

You may say these films make you feel like a kid again, and that might be true, but that’s not all. Here are some reasons why adults with a real-life job wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours of their busy lives watching animation films which describe something absurd, crazy, abstract and totally made up.

That happy feeling – Undoubtedly the most beautiful part of animation films is that they tap our very basic need for innocent entertainment. They are typically not violent, good wins over evil and they don’t show spilling guts and blood, a necessary evil to numerous other movies. You can sit with your family and have a great time, watch it with your children and laugh it off or with your spouse and deepen the bond with some laughter. They will not curse, won’t show nudity and there is nothing embarrassing to explain if you are with a child.

The Orwellian doublethink – When you have two very opposite ideas coming together in sync it produces attraction.

Someone as evil as Gru can be innocent enough to dress up like a female to impress his kids. A disgusting Green Ogre like Fiona can look so pretty and be so adorable with Shrek. A huge mammoth like Ellie can be modest and soft about her powers. Dracula can be caring and loving and his vampire daughter can be hot. A fearful lion can be majestic Simba, the King of the Jungle who is heir to the throne.

Nothing is impossible – The illustration used in animation films reach a different realm altogether. Your mind becomes free since that is exactly how the creator is free to imagine.