Why We (Adults!) Love Animation (Part II)

Love the heroism 

Who did not love Gru, the villain in Despicable me, Simba in The Lion King, Elsa in Frozen, Flik the inventive ant in Bug’s life, the big fat Panda Po in Kung-fu Panda, Blu the bird and his perfect family in Rio, Ellie the Mammoth in Ice age, Marty the zebra in Madagascar, Shrek and Fiona in Shrek or Marlin in ‘Finding Nemo’.

The characterization and heroism are incredible. Animation films have given us some incredible characters to love, remember and cherish. They have given us many memorable moments too, such as Simba‘s scared-innocent look when Rafiki the Monkey held him up before the jungle or when Elsa turned Anna into a block of ice in Frozen.

Inner child unleashed

Animation movies are childish and they take us away from the irritation of adult life and from the monotony of reality. They create our ideal escape route.

What a wonderful world it would be if guppies could show human emotions, animals could speak, play, and laugh, or robots could make you feel happy or sad. Animation films keep us young, as opposed to movies like Saw, Hostel, or The Purge that leave you with a haunting bad taste, makes you see cruel and harsh realities as if you didn’t have a lot of that now.

Laughter, the best medicine – We all love to laugh!

In a published book, The Laughter Paradigm , it’s mentioned the many advantages of laughter and having fun, and how to begin feeling happy. Your brain discharges endorphins which have much greater effects than to release stress. There are real social and psychological benefits of laughter. When you watch animation films, you do not laugh at someone, you laugh with them. That’s as good as it going to get. Doesn’t that sound good to you?