Why We (Adults!) Love Animation (Part III)

Watch an animation movie with your partner – My truly opinionated recommendation

A lot of compatibility problems can be found by your preferences in animation films. It sounds a bit opinionated, but if your partner doesn’t share a good laugh with you when Scrat the squirrel tries to fetch his acorn, there is a bigger issue to worry about. You feel me?

The grown-up viewpoint 

Animation films bridge the gap between a child and an adult. You can sit with your child and laugh it off, but the two of you are watching different things. You now have a different perspective. The words Sugar Honey Ice Tea from Marty the Zebra in Madagascar (an acronym for a not nice word) won’t make sense if you’re not an adult, the splendor of the visualizations in The Lion King won’t be evident unless you are mature. Even though your child is laughing with you, it’s not the same.

Amazing Graphics and electrifying visualizations

Imagine the first scene of The Lion king: the day-break in the jungle with that incredible song and the herd of giraffes, elephants, and zebras all flocking in to see their future king. The dance of the Macaws in Rio or the chasing-scene from ‘The Adventures of Tintin’. The work of today’s graphic designers transcends the realm of art and you can’t help but to love the craftsmanship when you think of the grandeur which an individual just sitting at a computer can make you feel.

Who is your most favorite animation character? Here are some adorable favorites which we have seen in animation films in recent years You probably can relate to most of them.

  • The Minions
  • Ellie the Mammoth-Ice Age
  • Shrek
  • Dracula-Hotel Transylvania
  • Gru-Despicable Me
  • Elsa-Frozen
  • Simba-Lion King
  • Nemo-Finding Nemo
  • Scrat Ice Age